Blasting Kit

weapon (ranged)

’’’Description:‘’’ A simple, fireproof metal case designed to hold every object for a professional (or not) demolitions man to do his work.

’’’Contents: ‘’’

  • 30 sticks of dynamite
  • 5 Yaldritch’s Assured Timers (magically crafted devices that can be set to trigger explosives after an inputted period of time)
  • 5 Yaldritch’s Trip Triggers (devices that can be connected to a tripwire so that, when the wire is tripped, the attached explosives go off)
  • 5 tripwire sets
  • One (1) coil of fuse (1 coil = 400 feet)
  • 1 pair of cutting shears
  • 1 fuse whipping kit
  • 1 copy of ‘’Proper Demolition: Blowing Things Up The Right Way’’ (+5 to all demolitions attempts)
  • 1 box of [[Sure-Strike Matches (3.5e Equipment)|Sure-Strike Matches]] (100 count)

’’’Weight:‘’’ 13 pounds.

’’’Price:‘’’ 2,500 gold for complete kit.

Objects enabled by buying first kit:

  • Coils of fuse cost 200 gold
  • Dynamite sold in packs of ten sticks at 750 gold
  • Sure-Strike Matches sold at 100 gold a box

’’’Note:‘’’ All demolitions except for building/object (not cave-in) destruction and trap-laying fall under Profession (mining). Building/object destruction falls under Knowledge (engineering), while trap-laying falls, of course, under Craft (trapmaking).


Blasting Kit

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